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 American success stories have been made possible by the drive and the mantra to continually improve products and make them better. The very same can be said when it comes to speaking of AIRAID and the ingenuity behind our line of Premium Filters since our company was founded in 1997.  For nearly two decades, the complexity and effectiveness of our filter technology has realized an array of technological improvements - meaning  filters handcrafted to perform an increased level of filtration to protect your engine from harmful impurities which have the potential to decrease the life of your truck or SUV. Thanks to the incorporation of more protective elements such as synthetic fiber and steel or aluminum, our line of Premium Filters offer superior performance and lasting durability typically not found in filters of a lesser quality.  With AIRAID, engines experience superior filtration, enhanced air flow, and improved drive ability.  Our patented SynthaFlow technology is designed to enhance both short and long-term performance which is guaranteed to separate our product from the competition and make it among the best in the market today. Our Premium Filters are easily washable, completely reusable, moisture resistant, and are fully backed with a lifetime guarantee.  Show off the power your vehicle was built to produce with our line of Premium Filters  manufactured to enhance maximum horsepower and vehicle torque.  So come on down, check out our line of Premium Filters today, currently in-stock on the shelves at Alamo Auto Supply.  Take Cover!